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Whether it's looking at recent history or delving into the dim and distant past, a BBC History Magazine subscription brings it all to life in vivid detail. Each month, an unrivalled team of experts share their insights into a wide range of topics, exploring everything from ancient civilisations to modern political history. Whatever your favourite era, it's well-worth subscribing to the nation's favourite history magazine. Benefits include:

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With a vast source of fascinating information to draw on, every issue brings new perspectives on various periods of history, with help from expert historians such as Dan Snow, Anthony Beever, Mary Beard and Michael Wood.

In each issue, we explore the background to current events at home and around the world, we look at significant anniversaries in history and profile some of the most celebrated, or often misunderstood, figures from the past.

We also investigate little-known episodes from the past and reveal the latest research from around the world. In addition, we provide a guide to where history happened, plus ideas for historic day trips.

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Each month, we assemble leading experts to explore a wide range of British and international historical figures and topics – from World War 2 and Stonehenge facts to Cleopatra and Henry VIII's six wives.

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PLUS with each issue put your knowledge to the test with our history quiz, get inspiring ideas for heritage trips and keep up-to-date with breaking history news.

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