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Build your family tree and discover your ancestry with Britain's best selling family history publication


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Why subscribe to Who Do You Think You Are magazine?

As the official companion to the BBC TV series, Who Do You Think You Are? magazine shows you how to build your family tree using online resources such as the census. Get started in genealogy, and discover where to look for more unusual documents.

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Find out more about how the celebrity stories from the show are researched and enjoy a range of features from military to social history.

Discover more, improve your research skills and reveal your family's past with a subscription today.

When you subscribe to Britain's best-selling ancestry publication, BBC Who Do You Think You Are magazine, each month we will provide you with:

  • A mix of expert tips, new record releases, reader stories and historical articles
  • Practical advice to help readers uncover their roots
  • Features on what life was like in the past and how historic events affected our ancestors
  • PLUS we include coverage of local history giving you the tools to unravel the history behind where you live

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