Become an Affiliate

Become an Affiliate

Do you own a website or blog? You could be earning extra money by becoming an affiliate to

Getting Started

It's easy!

  1. Register for free as a Publisher with AWIN (formally know as Affiliate Window)
  2. A £5 registration fee is required but this will be credited to your account once your site is approved
  3. Find and connect with (advertiser ID 1866)
  4. Start promoting by picking up our banners and links from the profile
  5. Get paid your affiliate earnings every 20-30 days – our affiliate commission payments are handled by Affiliate Window.

If you have any questions or suggestions about our affiliate programme please contact us. For technical and commission enquires/support please contact AWIN directly.

More Reasons to Join

More great reasons to join the affiliate programme:

  • Over 45 magazine brands to promote, including Radio Times, BBC Good Food, Cycling Plus and Mollie Makes
  • Competitive standard commission rate of £5 on all subscription orders generated*
  • High AWin Index score – showing the high performance of our affiliate programme
  • Special offers, flash sales and commission bonuses throughout the year – generating more sales for our affiliates
  • Seasonal promotion campaigns refreshed throughout the year, including Mother's Day, Summer Sale and Christmas Offers
  • Commission cookies that can be triggered for 30 days after a visitor interacts with our banner or link on your website

*£5 commission is paid on all subscription orders valued at +£6. For orders between £1.01 and £5.99 you will receive £2.50. For orders valued below £1 you will earn £1 commission.

Tell Me More

Every time someone buys a subscription from us via a link or banner on your website you earn up to £5. Five whole British pounds, wherever you are in the world.

The affiliate scheme offers bloggers and website owners the chance to earn money from their website. All you need to do is sign up with AWIN (formally known as Affiliate Window), pop a link or banner on your site, then when a visitor to your site clicks and buys something from us, you get commission!

You can promote the link on your site in whatever way works best for you – a link in a blog, a banner, a blog post, through social media, your newsletter or any combination of methods.

How does Affiliate Marketing work?

Affiliate Marketing is a form of online advertising in which rewards our affiliate partners for each subscription sale obtained by our affiliate's own marketing efforts (i.e. newsletters, blog posts, website banners, and links).

The banners and links you download from our AWIN profile include special tracking that adds a temporary cookie to your visitors' device when clicked. This cookie is live for 30 days. If your visitor purchases a subscription from within this period, we recognise them from the cookie and reward your commission. It's a fantastic way to earn money from your website!

For more information on becoming an Affiliate Publisher visit AWIN.