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Paul Martin: My World Of Antiques: Collect, buy and sell everyday antiques like an expert More Info
Paul Martin: My World Of Antiques: Collect, buy and sell everyday antiques like an expert

Paul Martin, famous for his passion for beautiful furniture, has been the hugely successful TV presenter on BBC1's Flog It! for the past fifteen years. In this book he reveals hitherto untold stories of fantastic artefact finds, and tells us about the key to success in trading antiques. As witty as ever, Paul takes on everything from pietra dura to Pop Art, from Britain to Australia, from trash to treasure.

My World of Antiques offers a unique insight into the history of antiques thanks to Paul's boundless knowledge of people and places, be it Queen Victoria's royal life at Osborne House or Dame Lucie Rie's ceramic works in a London pottery studio after the Second World War. With a keen eye for detail and the influences that shaped arts and crafts, Paul brings current studies of antique objects to life. He invites us to join him on a journey to exotic countries that bear the mark of colonial trade, discussing rare discoveries that now sell for breathtaking prices at UK auctions. With his trademark charm and enthusiasm, Paul enriches his tales with personal anecdotes about dearly loved equine skeletons, celebrity acquaintances in the art scene, and childhood idols. All the while, Paul does what he does best: he gives us a taste of the wonders of antique pieces, and encourages us to open our eyes to the uniqueness and value of forgotten objects.

This book is the perfect read for everyone who loved BBC's Flog It!, Britain's Hidden Heritage, and Paul Martin's Handmade Revolution - and for those with a heart for all things past and mysterious.

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